Microsoft Partnering Power – 09

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference was phenonmenal. 9,000 people from over 125 countries came together to hear Microsoft’s vision and strategies . I enjoyed meeting the partners from all partners of the world. The energy was very  vibrant and shared a remarkable year of opportunities with the introduction of the new Microsoft Partner Network and the amazing wave of new product launches.

We heard from

  •  Bill Veghte about the exciting developments with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Steven Elop showcased the innovation of Office 2010.
  • Bob Muglia gave you new details about Microsoft’s cloud computing offerings and shared the vision for how software-plus-services enables partners to generate new revenue opportunities and provide enhanced customer value.
  • Steve Ballmer described Microsoft’s commitment to a long-term investment and growth strategy.
  • Kevin Turner gave a compelling review of Microsoft’s competitive strategy and intent to tackle our competition head on by providing a breadth of technologies across the cloud, the enterprise and the web.

Here are some of the resources I would like to share with all of you that will be valuable to increase the partnering power with Microsoft.

Leave your feedback or ask me questions if you need any help.


2 Responses to Microsoft Partnering Power – 09

  1. Thanks for the nice summary of good links… I made a note of this in my own blog.. I will also submit it to as reference for people that want to learn more.


  2. imanpreetsingh says:

    Its a great article indeed!! Thanks for the such wonderful information… Best of Luck for the next one!!

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